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120mg (1 Vial)
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What is Xgeva ?
XGEVA® is a prescription medicine used to prevent fracture, spinal cord compression, or the need for radiation or surgery to bone in patients with bone metastases from solid tumors.
XGEVA® is not used to prevent these bone problems in patients with multiple myeloma.

This is drug is used (as Xgeva) to help treat cancer that has spread to the bones, usually along with other treatments such as chemotherapy. It lowers the risk of fractures and other bone problems.
It can also be used in adults and in teens whose bones have fully formed to treat giant cell tumor of bone.

Denosumab is used to treat osteoporosis (bone thinning) in women after menopause and men. It is also used to strengthen weak bones in men on hormone therapy for prostate cancer and women on drugs called aromatase inhibitors for breast cancer.

How supplied:
120mg (1 Vial)

Storage and handling:
Store at 2°- 8° C

How do we source the Drug?
SSPWL will assist in sourcing the drug through its efficient network, across the globe, and ensure the delivery is prompt. However, a valid prescription from the treating Oncologist is mandatory, with all relevant documents associated with its procurement is essential.

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M/s GlaxoSmithKlineInc

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